Planning A BBQ Party? Pick The Right Bread, Slaw And Sides

If you're throwing a party, and you are serving BBQ, then make sure to pick the right slaw and bread. There are several different styles of BBQ, and they all have their own particular breads, slaw and sides. Below is a discussion of the proper accompaniments for two popular meat styles: North Carolina or Lexington BBQ (Pulled Pork) and Memphis Style (Ribs.)

Lexington Style BBQ (Pulled Pork)

Red Slaw

If you're having a party where Lexington style BBQ pulled pork is being served, then you might like to use red slaw. This is coleslaw that is made without mayo. It has a tangy, distinct flavor that is popular throughout BBQ joints down in North Carolina. 

Plain White Bread (Sliced)

Plain white bread, sliced, is an essential for any pulled pork style BBQ. The bread should not be toasted. It's a simple, classic part of any pulled pork style BBQ plate. Even though it is the classic bread, some people who are not accustomed to BBQ might not like it. There are people who really hate plain, white sliced bread; they just think it is too soft. So, for these people you could offer small rolls. These would serve the same function as the sliced white bread, because your guests could use their rolls to make sandwiches with the pulled pork and sop up the sauce. Don't pick anything fancy, such as sour dough or whole wheat. Pick a basic white roll.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are the classic side dish for pulled pork BBQ. The sweet molasses in the beans is a perfect counterpoint to the rich, smokiness in the pulled pork. Make sure to get a baked bean dish that is made with brown sugar and molasses, rather than corn syrup. The corn syrup based beans are too sweet and have none of the complexity of the brown sugar and molasses version.

Memphis Style BBQ (Ribs)

Memphis Style Slaw

If you're serving BBQ ribs, then you will want to opt for a white slaw. A great example of a white slaw is Memphis style. It is made with mustard, vinegar, and mayo. It is tangy and it's not weighed down with too much mayo. It's crisp and crunchy. It provides a great companion to the sweet, smoky sauce that will be on the ribs.


Fresh cornbread is an essential part of any BBQ plate that has ribs. You should chose a cornbread that is not heavy with sugar, or speckled with cracked corn. The classic cornbread to accompany BBQ ribs will be a cornmeal and flour base with just a touch of sugar.

Macaroni and Cheese

This side should be a real mac and cheese, not something from the box. It needs to be rich, heavy, and browned on top. Some recipes call for evaporated milk, while others will use a classic roux. Whichever style you choose, make sure it's made from scratch and doesn't come from a box.

Now you're all set for your BBQ party! If you don't want to do the food yourself, contact an event catering company.