Need Advanced Hamburger Moulder Equipment? What You Must Find Out Before You Purchase It

If the business is booming at your burger restaurant and you need more advanced equipment to produce more hamburgers within a shorter timeframe for your customers, you need to start looking into hamburger moulder equipment. When you first started your restaurant business, you might have been shaping burger patties with a handheld burger press. However, that is time-consuming when you are making hundreds of burgers each day. By purchasing updated equipment, more of the work would get done for you.

How Does It Operate?

One thing you need to know before buying this type of equipment is exactly how it operates. For example, you may be able to season the ground beef and then place it into a container that is attached to the equipment. With the press of a handle or a simple button on the machine, the hamburger that you placed into the container may then be transformed into patties. Instead of rolling the meat into patties with your hands or constantly pressing down to create the perfect shape using a burger press, you can use the equipment to make patties that are all the same length and width.

What Size Patties Does It Make?

Different types of equipment could produce patties in different sizes. Some equipment might come with different settings where you can adjust the size of the patties that come out of the equipment, whether you prefer flatter patties or thicker patties that are sure to make your customers feel stuffed after just a few bites. If you have the option of purchasing hamburger moulder equipment that has adjustable settings, you should go with that option because then you can make thinner or thicker burgers depending on what your customers are ordering from the menu.

Does It Come With Patty Paper?

The equipment that you purchase should come with patty paper. You are going to need patty paper that separates each hamburger to prevent them from sticking to one another. Of course, you will need to stock up on extra patty paper, but your equipment should come with some of this paper to help you get started.

With plans to purchase better equipment that can help you prepare more hamburgers for your customers with ease, you should begin looking at different types of hamburger moulder equipment. Find out how the equipment operates, what size patties it can produce for you, and if it comes with patty paper or not. Look for something with adjustable settings and features that are useful to you.