Considering Spanish Takeout Food? How To Know What To Order

When you are planning your family's next takeout night, you might be looking for something different than the usual pizza place. Why not deviate from the traditional Italian meal and opt instead for Spanish takeout? For those who aren't familiar with ordering Spanish cuisine, finding the right dishes to make everyone happy can be a challenge. Here are a few dishes to consider based on your takeout night's specific needs.

Fit For A Crowd

If you are planning on takeout because you have a large gathering happening, you should check the menu for the real crowd-pleasing dishes. In Spanish cuisine, that's often Paella. This is one of the most filling, largest dishes you can typically opt for in Spanish cuisine because it's made from a variety of seafood plus rice, broth, and vegetables. Flavored with well-balanced spices and herbs, it's sure to make everyone at your gathering happy. 

Just The Family

When your takeout night is just an easy dinner for the family, you want something that will be filling and yet keep even your pickiest eaters happy. A Spanish tortilla is a great choice. Unlike in Mexican cuisine where tortillas are the wraps that are usually used for street food, a Spanish tortilla is a deep omelet dish made with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and sometimes prawns. It's often topped with cheese.

Hot Summer Meals

During the peak of the summer, it's often too hot for cooked, hot meals. If you are looking for a Spanish takeout option that isn't going to leave your family feeling even more overheated, consider an order of Gazpacho. While gazpacho is soup, it's actually served cold. Made from tomatoes, cucumbers, salt and spices, olive oil, garlic, and green pepper, this soup is sure to hit the spot when it's just too hot to eat.

Satisfying A Sweet Tooth

What takeout night is complete without something sweet for dessert? Luckily, most Spanish takeout places offer the solution for this as well. Churros con chocolate are an indulgent, flavorful, crispy but tender treat that the whole family is sure to love.

Think fried dough, but cooked in rigged strips that are fried until the outside is crisp but the dough inside remains soft and fluffy. Then, the dough is removed from the oil and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Served with chocolate sauce for dipping, you'll probably want to order more than one because they will go fast.

These are some of the dishes to consider when you're ready to order from your local Spanish food takeout restaurant.