3 Ways to Eat Wagyu Steak for Breakfast

Wagyu steak is a type of savory meat often served with dinner meals and sides like potatoes. When you shop for Japanese A5 wagyu boneless ribeye steak delivery, you have a lot of options for the way you eat the steak. Instead of limiting the meat to just lunch and dinner options, consider a variety of ways to enjoy wagyu steak for breakfast.

1. Omelets

Steak makes a great addition to any omelet, especially when cheeses are melted together with the meat and folded into eggs. Cook the steak to your ideal temperature and then cut the meat down into small slices. Ideally, you only need to season the steak with salt and pepper. The natural flavors and juices of wagyu steak provide plenty of additional flavors.

Along with the steak, consider other omelet additions like mushrooms or onions to enhance the flavor. Serve the omelet with a bread option like a piece of toast or a bagel. The steak also goes well with egg white omelets if that is the type of egg you prefer. An egg white omelet with steak includes a lot of protein.

2. Breakfast Burritos

Wagyu steak tacos are an ideal lunch option, but you can change up a recipe a little bit to create a breakfast burrito. Chop a cooked steak into small chunks and mix in some chopped peppers with the leftover juices from the steak. Prepare a batch of scrambled eggs and then mix all the ingredients into a flour tortilla.

Add hot sauce to increase the spiciness of the burrito. Serve the burrito with a side like hash browns or home fries.

3. Breakfast Quiche

An egg-based quiche is an ideal breakfast meal if you want to go crustless and cut down on carbs. The base of the quiche will typically include eggs, shredded cheese, and a little milk or cream. Along with small chunks of steak, you can mix in a lot of vegetables with the quiche. For example, you could add some chopped broccoli or asparagus.

After baking, cut the quiche into slices and serve. If you do not want to bake the steak directly in the quiche, then you could make a vegetable quiche and serve the steak on the side. Order extra steak so you have a lot of ways to play around with breakfast recipes and options.

Once you start cooking with more steak in the morning, you could make the wagyu meat a regular part of your breakfast menu.